Endpoint Security & Response

Integrated endpoint security solution that fuses real-time continuous monitoring & collection of data with automated alerts & analytical abilities.


End Point Detection & Response is designed to provide end-point security to organizations with the latest infrastructure in their cloud environments. Our solution was born out of the need for a security resolution that addressed the demands of organizations with cloud-native environments. Most of these servers run on Linux within public/private clouds with most developers working on a Mac system. Alternatively, the existing commercial security is aimed at Windows systems, which makes our security platform highly appealing since it can operate on all Linux, OS X & Windows.

Primary Features

Our End Point Detection & Response Management solution can be deployed on cloud or on your premises. Utilising an on-premise application, your organisation can seamlessly integrate the data into your existing SIEM solutions for log keeping & alert management via our single console.

Response Features :

  • Easily isolate systems either manually or automatically when threats are detected.
  • Remove files or run further investigations by directly accessing the systems console
  • Shutdown or Lock the system immediately

Key Features :

  • End Point Detection & Response gives security teams a deep, rich set of endpoint data that they can process for security purposes. For example, you can use End Point Detection & Response to see what’s happening on endpoints by logging multiple types of events.
  • This collected data is used for automatic behavioural analysis that includes anomaly detection of users and software.
  • That information, in turn, could be forwarded to a SIEM without the need of additional third-party tools.
  • End Point Detection & Response has a very small footprint and in normal cases does not exceed more than 8-10% CPU usage with less than 250 MB of memory usage, it has also got a built in watchdog that throttles the usage when it exceeds the threshold.
  • End Point Detection & Response provides next gen threat detection capabilities and helps to respond to a threat through a central console.
  • It collects data of over 300 different inputs from the Operating System and helps to automatically analyze and detect threats.

Extend your detection & response across all your endpoints & servers. End Point Detection & Response allows you to leverage techniques that enable you to discover & respond to threats before they compromise your data and operations.


End Point Detection & Response vs. Antivirus

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