Infrastructure Security

Phronesis Infra Security Services are designed to analyse and assist an organisation in placing adequate in processes and technologies for effective and efficient to perform assigned tasks and to achieve organizations security objectives. We strongly believes that security has to be woven in intimately in an organisation’s structure in order to thwart unexpected threats and ability to integrate any new evolving technologies.

Risk Assessment

Our Systematic and thorough evaluation of Security Design of a Campus includes assessment of the existing processes, technology and manpower. Entire audit is overseen by experienced consultants & the review to conducted through the application of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) standards. Our process will entail identification and presentation of prevalent risks and potential implications along with the loopholes in security. We will provide pragmatic and cost-effective recommendations in order to close the security gaps. Our capability extends by supporting existing sites, from large private landholdings to IT parks.

System Integration

Effective protection of any Vital Infrastructure requires a balanced approach for security system integration and deployment. Our Integration, Deployment and Practices ensure that we meet if not exceed every security stakeholders’ expectations. Security solutions can range from simple, easy to implement procedures to more detailed and complex programs deploying sophisticated equipment and technology. Our recommendations are out of the box, dynamic and scalable to match with a client’s business growth and needs while ensuring that they can be swiftly tweaked to any changes in threat perception and resources.

Infra Design Review

Our consultants can design a detailed Security Plan at any phase of construction and operation of a campus.

  • Pre-Construction – Security measures that are designed-in during project planning stage can be constructed at a fraction of the cost of later upgrades.
  • Existing Facilities and Structures – We work with building engineers and security directors to ensure that recommended modifications are properly integrated into the Campus.