Secured Communication

Phronesis Shield Crypt is an enterprise mobility solution aimed at closed group communication where collaboration and data security is of the highest importance. The solution compromises secure internet based calling and secure instant messaging where the users can interact and share files without worrying about data theft. The system is centrally managed with the help of an admin panel for the organization and a super admin access. It carries a high degree of usability and it is integrated with the mobile phone’s operating system via mobile apps, so that the end-user does not have to change the way he / she uses their  mobile phone. Users are managed in closed trusted groups, communicating over a secure network. 

Secure Call

Make crystal-clear phone calls to people who live across town, or across the ocean. End-to-end encrypted mobile VoIP calls over any data channel (e.g., 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi). Make secure conference calls with your trusted contacts.

Mobile Apps

We provide Mobile Apps for Android & iOS (both iPhone & iPad) platforms for secure voice & messaging both individually or integrated as per the requirements. Mobile Apps can be downloaded on stores or via private links.

Secure Messaging & Files

Send high-quality text, picture, and video, audio messages. Secure broadcast and group chat among all contacts. Encrypted SMS over gsm networks. Create secure files, share it and store within cloud.

Web Control Panel

Our Solution provides a web based front-end for the clients to manage their server, devices, users, groups, logs, reports, global configuration & settings etc. Different roles & access restrictions can be created in the control panel for system users

OTA User Provisioning

Mobile application can be deployed fully over the air without a need to have a special deployment procedure that would require users or their devices to be physically on-site.

Secure SMS

Secure SMS allows for end-to-end encrypted SMS communication between the “Phronesis Sheild CRYPT” users without a need to have a data connection. Standard GSM channel is sufficient to communicate with your contacts.


Phronesis Consultancy Shield Crypt secured communication