Security Operation Centre

Build a centralised function within your organization to monitor, detect, investigate, and respond to cyberthreats around the clock. 


A Security Operations Centre(SOC) comprises of a state of the art facility for continuous monitoring
for an organisation’s security setup. The task execution includes support of technology & well-
defined processes that prevent, detect, analyse & respond to security incidents. 

Phronesis can assist you with setting up a SOC that effectively harmonises people, processes, tools
and threat intelligence – key ingredients for building a Security Operations Centre.


  • Centralizing the display of your assets — A real-time, complete view of the software and processes that aid your operations makes it easy to detect problems as they occur or sooner. Even with dispersed materials, the centralized, non-stop visualization SOC monitoring offers is highly advantageous in maintaining smooth operations.
  • Solidifying client and employee trust — undertaking firm measures to avert data loss is one of the best ways to improve and maintain your brand’s integrity.
  • Working seamlessly across departments and functions — SOCs are exclusive in that they are a team of highly trained individuals working toward a joint goal. As they advance during cybersecurity incidents, they need other departments to work simultaneously to operate efficiently. Within these instances, SOCs ensure that the organization’s various departments work collectively to resolve the issue at hand.
  • Exploiting awareness to reduce costs — The most noteworthy advantage of a SOC is the capability to manage all systems to minimize the potential for loss of data. SOCs help maintain the integrity of sensitive information, save money in the long run and assist with avoiding the cost associated with cyber attacks

Building a SOC which involves establishing the required roles and investing in the proper hardware can be a costly venture for businesses that have never tackled cybersecurity before.




Deployment Options

- On Premise : From team member tasks to SOC location and features, the diversities in SOCs across businesses & industries is fairly extensive. There are many roles to play and business requirements to keep up. Phronesis can assist you with the most viable option for your organization & take the stress out of building an efficient SOC.

- On Cloud : An outsourced, virtual SOC is often the best option for many small to medium businesses as they are able to avoid the expenses associated with hiring skilled security engineers and analysts, funding cutting-edge and sufficiently powered facilities and staying relevant with continuing costs associated with education about new threats/cyber tactics. Phronesis can empower your organization by providing the benefits of a SOC without bearing the additional expenses.

Rajive Gulati

UN Technology Innovation Labs UNTILabs UNOICT

I’m no stranger to some Phronesis’s successful projects delivered in India and abroad. Their unique Cyber Security platforms and services were also acknowledged at Leadership Award at National Summit on Digital Innovation & Cyber Security : Jan 2019, by the Government of Haryana. They continue to meet the expectations of the industry by offering innovative Cyber Security and e-Governance solutions.


Ambassdor Anil Trigunayat (IFS Retd)

Distinguished Fellow at Vivekananda International Foundation – India

Phronesis India Consultancy core team’s background and experience gives an ample insight into its acumen and work ethics. I’m confident that Phronesis would be able to meet the industry’s emerging Cyber Security challenges with their indigenous tools and services.

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